Thursday, March 15, 2007

'Touching' ad

Isn't this ad by Australia Post really good advertising?

We all know the marketing problem - growing irrelevance of 'snail mail' to users of the Internet - which comprises essentially of young people.

As a result, postal services in developed nations had reason to be worried about their future. Add to that their monopolistic nature that had made them complacent about survival being given a reality check by specialized service providers.

Coming back to the ad, what is refreshing in it is the beautiful execution that more than supports the strategy - position 'paper mail' as the way to make an emotional connect.

Which is what effective advertsing, i feel, is about. Using creativity in aiding strategy to solve a problem. Makes you want to be in advertising. Makes you want to write a letter.

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  1. Hi Vishal

    Came to ur blog thru Shalini's. Really liked this ad, and am posting it on my blog too :)

    You write well.